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Gratitude Programs


21 Days of Gratitude in the Workplace

Unleash the powerful practice of gratitude into your work life. Create the opportunity for greater empathy, compassion and appreciation among your team and throughout your organization. Gratitude is a simple yet effective tool in reducing stress, increasing connection, reducing conflict and improving sleep.

Your team will receive live, personalized facilitation, support and tools to move through the 21 day experience together.


100 Days of Gratitude Program

Enrich your life with the awesome practice of gratitude. This 100 day experience delves deep into the three daily practices for a more joyful life. Use the daily gratitude journal, book of meditations and program workbook to deepen your experience. The 100 Days of Gratitude program includes online weekly group sessions to accompany your personal daily practice.

Become a Trainer of the 100 Days of Gratitude Program

Bring the awesome power of gratitude into your workplace, community or team. Learn to facilitate the 100 Days of Gratitude Program to grow appreciation, acknowledgement and gratitude in your group setting. Spread the impact of personal positivity, thankfulness and compassion to help people lead a more joyful life NOW!

Training takes place over six weekly sessions online. Weekend intensive retreat option available.

*Attendance to the 100 Days of Gratitude Program is a pre-requisite to apply.

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