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Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership for a Crazy World

How do we "do" leadership in a crazy world?

More than pivoting and recalibrating, leaders are being called to gain a better understanding of the principles and practices of mindful leadership to thrive in the current landscape. This is a very trying time for leaders.

Join other leaders for a very timely six-week facilitated series of 1-hour sessions to gain awareness, connection and community in your leadership journey - part connection, part content, 100% community.

  • Week 1: Awareness - cultivating the art of awareness in your decision-making

  • Week 2: Intention - inviting purpose into your plans

  • Week 3: Action - stepping mindfully into action

  • Week 4: Acknowledgement - working with the awesome power of gratitude

  • Week 5: Reflection - becoming centered among the noise

  • Week 6: Developing a Lasting Practice of Mindfulness - finding what works for YOU

If you thought 2023 was the year to grow your skills and understanding of a more centered way of being in this thing called leadership, this is the perfect opportunity.

21 Days of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Create optimal team dynamics in your workplace with mindfulness. Experience a variety of mindfulness practices over 21 days to reduce stress, deepen personal awareness, engage compassion and expand the cohesiveness of your co-working group.

Your team will receive live, personalized facilitation, support and tools to move through the 21 day experience together. 

Mindful Leadership for Success Programs

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Six weekly sessions for your team. Experience a variety of mindfulness practices with your team each week to deepen awareness, engage compassion and expand the cohesiveness of your co-working group.

Lighthearted Leadership

Bring a little levity to the experience of leadership with lessons from Santa’s Workshop. Your team will learn secrets from one of the most productive business operations on the planet – and have fun all the while.

Mindful Leadership in Times of Chaos

This program is designed to support teams in gaining stronger skills and confidence in moving through change and discomfort in the workplace. Learn the underpinnings of chaos to unlock your ability to thrive in turbulent times.

My Zen Moments

Wind down and melt into the experience of the present moment. Learn a variety of mindfulness practices that support greater body awareness, mental clarity and stress reduction. Whether you are a novice or have a regular mindfulness practice, this workshop series holds a gift for you.

Mindful Like a Boss Program

It’s lonely at the top! This unique program is custom designed with YOU in mind. Increase awareness, gain clarity and become intentional in your leadership. Your personal program is designed around your leadership needs and preferences. This program includes a work personality preference assessment, professional coaching, mindfulness practices for your leadership success and personal strategy sessions to support you on your leadership journey.

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