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Magnificent Retreats

Magnificent & Meaningful Retreats Designed for YOU!

Relax, grow and learn in these curated retreats for the mind body and spirit. Each retreat can be customized to include local travel experiences in destination locations around the world or we can bring the retreat to you.

Private Retreats Available for:

Individual one-on-one experiences

Small Groups of 2-6 people

Groups & Teams of 7-20 people

Large Groups of 20+ people 

Mindfulness for a Crazy World Retreat

External pressures in a rapidly changing world can lead to the experience of internal chaos. Allow the powerful flow of mindfulness techniques and practices to help you unpack this environmental stress and move about in the world more mindfully and more present.

Bigger BOLDER Business Bootcamp

Get organized and ready for expansion in your business. Gain support in creating operational tools that can be put into use immediately in your organization. Delve into business building activities that generate clarity in growing your mindset as a successful business entrepreneur.

Mindful Like a Boss Retreat

Up your game as a leader with dynamic and powerful mindfulness practices built to increase effectiveness, engagement and compassion in your leadership. Beyond strategy - lead with intention and purposeful action that supports your role as a leader.

My Zen Moments Retreat 

Wind down and melt into the experience of the present moment. Learn a variety of mindfulness practices that support greater body awareness, mental clarity and stress reduction. Whether you are a novice or have a regular mindfulness practice, this retreat holds a gift for you. 



Mindfulness for a Crazy World: Two Retreats in One

St. Johns, Newfoundland

Coming Soon!

Mindfulness for Mind, Body & Spirit: A 3 Day Retreat

Plus Excursion Day

Mindful Like a Boss: A 2 Day Retreat


Mindfulness for a Crazy World

Dublin & Irish Countryside, Ireland

Coming Soon!

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