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Organizational Consulting

Strategic Planning for Optimal Organizational Success

Working with your business or not-for-profit organization to build on a foundational mission, vision and values to co-create a 3-5 year plan that will support your team’s success.

Workplace Personality & Preferences Assessments

Awareness is the first step to personal and professional development in your role and within your team. Choose from a variety of workplace and personality assessments to advance your career growth and enhance your team’s ability to collaborate, innovate and perform.

Succession Planning for Business Continuity

Work with our succession planning team of associate subject matter experts to prepare your organization and leadership team for a smooth business succession. Operational preparedness, recruitment and interim leadership are key factors in an effective succession plan. Let us help your team through this pivotal organizational change.

Operational Support in Interim Leadership

Operational, strategic mentoring and coaching support from executive level leaders who have been there! Interim leadership doesn’t have to be disruptive to your organization. It can be a time of growth and innovation.

Coaching for Professional Development

We offer packages for individuals, teams and organizations to assist in the exploration, expansion and effectiveness of your work and life experience. We are more than the jobs we do, so we take a whole-being approach to your coaching.

Keynote Speaking

We offer dynamic speakers for a wide variety of engaging topics for your business conferences, retreats and events. Let us know what you are looking for.

Signature Training Programs

21 Days of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Create optimal team dynamics in your workplace with mindfulness. Experience a variety of mindfulness practices over 21 days to reduce stress, deepen personal awareness, engage compassion and expand the cohesiveness of your co-working group.

Your team will receive live, personalized facilitation, support and tools to move through the 21 day experience together. 

Lighthearted Leadership Program

Mindful Leadership for Success Program

Mindfulness in the Workplace Program

Mindful Like a Boss Program

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