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21 Days of Gratitude

Unleash the powerful practice of gratitude into your life. Create the opportunity for greater joy, ease, compassion and appreciation throughout your day with this 21 Day experience.

Gratitude is a simple yet effective tool in reducing stress, increasing connection and improving sleep.

Simply register for the 21 Days of Gratitude experience and, each morning in your inbox you will receive a daily dose of inspiration, motivation and opportunities to unleash the powerful practice of gratitude into your life!

Next Series Begins March 4, 2024

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When caffeine meets mindfulness!


Making your morning coffee time a beautiful opportunity to deepen your mindfulness practice.


Receive a combination of affirmations, meditations, inspirational quotes, beautiful imagery, worksheets, reflection prompts...and MORE delivered to your inbox everyday for 21 days!


100 Days of Gratitude

Coming Soon!

Enrich your life with the awesome practice of gratitude. This 100 day experience delves deep into the three daily practices for a more joyful life. Use the daily gratitude journal, book of meditations and program workbook to deepen your experience. The 100 Days of Gratitude program includes weekly video training and monthly online group sessions to accompany your personal daily practice.


Mindfulness for a Crazy World: Two Retreats in One

St. Johns, Newfoundland
Coming Soon!

Mindfulness for Mind, Body & Spirit: 3 Day Retreat

Plus Excursion Day

Mindful Like a Boss: 2 Day Retreat


Mindfulness for a Crazy World

Dublin & Irish Countryside, Ireland

Coming Soon!

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